Joint Master Programmes

Joint Master Programmes

Joint Master Programmes

Joint Master Programmes is the collaboration with leading universities in England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, and USA. These programmes are to give the opportunity for those who wish to study abroad further, experience different culture and educations for Master level. These programmes are designed to facilitate for the student to success in education, saving money for both tuition fees and living expenses. Joint Master Programmes will have Business programmes and these programmes will workshop for semester 1 in Thailand and continue to do the next semesters with partner universities at abroad.

3 months in Thailand
8 - 9 months at university
University Degree

Academic Intakes for Joint Master Programmes

There are 3 Academic Intakes per Year at Thailand (Semester 1) :

Reasons to study Joint Master Programmes

No IELTS Required.

Programmes in Business
with Partner Universities.

Most affordable
tuition fee.

Only 1 year study to earnyour Master Degree from the leading international university.

  • Workshop 3 months for semester 1 in Thailand + Studying 8-9 months at Overseas.
  • To create your network in Thailand and Overseas.
  • No Need Educational background in business field and work experience.
  • Saving money for living expenses during workshop in Thailand.
  • Opportunity to continue to apply the UK Graduate visa or the NZ Post-Study Work visa after completion of the course.
  • Free consultation; application follows up, application for the visa, accommodation, Student health insurance etc.
  • Opportunity to do the Part-time work during study in overseas (students can work 20 hours per week and full-timeworking during vacations in The UK, New Zealand, and Australia).

British Academic Center

List of Universities for Joint Master Programmes

British Academic Center
Passavut (Oath)
Master Degree, MSc Marketing University of the West of Englan
Bantita (Rux)
Master Degree, MSc Marketing Anglia Ruskin University
Nicltanyarat (Nick)
Master Degree, MSc Marketing University of the West of England